About SEG

Summit Engineering Group is a Washington D.C. area small business with a primary market focus on Cost/Price Analysis, Cost/Performance Modeling and Business Analysis as part of normal System Engineering and Program Management functions. We support all life cycle phases from developmental advanced technology to modifications of operational systems.

Key Company Attributes:

• Specializing in Advanced Technologies

• Direct Experience in US Military Systems

• US National Defense Orientation

• Hands-on Professional Services

• Recent AoA, CAIV, EA Study Support

Our focus is on manned and unmanned space, airborne, surface and sub-surface platforms, including their associated sensors, weapons, communications, and surface/ground control and applicable processing, exploitation, and dissemination subsystems. However, Summit Engineering Group personnel also have direct experience in analyzing and estimating the cost implications of developing, procuring, operating, fielding, maintaining and disposing of entire systems or selected subsystems of Missiles, Ships, Submarines, and Electronics (Radar, EW, EO/IR, ECM, Sonar, etc.).


Our background includes extensive hands-on collection and analysis of cost, technical, and programmatic data used in cost estimating, risk assessments, and formal acquisition documentation. Our unique mix of engineering, resource management and cost research background provides our clients with top quality support and development of innovative and cost effective products. Due to low overhead, we are able to provide these services at very competitive rates.

We have applied this background to assess and evaluate the costs and effectiveness of both military, civil, and commercial equipment. These efforts include assessments of limitations and advantages and evaluating potential opportunities for maximizing benefit-to-cost ratios. In particular we have directly supported several major studies over the past few years that analyzed the cost and effectiveness of future military and homeland security options across Manned and Unmanned Airborne and Satellite systems. The focus of the studies have been Counter-MANPADS systems for protection of commercial aircraft, Imagery Intelligence (IMINT), Ground Moving Target Indication (GMTI), Airborne Moving Target Indication (AMTI), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and other types of C4ISR and support missions. These projects involved extensive data collection and analysis of Life Cycle Cost (LCC) information in order to formulate tailored LCC estimates (and cost models) for each option envisioned. Much of this data formed the basis for follow-on studies.


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