Operations Research Highlights

Summit Engineering Group (SEG) performs operations research analyses and modeling and simulation activities across multiple projects. SEG was a primary developer of the initial and follow-on enhanced versions of the Sensor-Platform Allocation Analysis Tool (SPAAT) for the Air Force. The mixed integer optimization model allows an analyst to determine what mix of sensors, platforms and ground stations will deliver the required capabilities/performance at the minimum cost. SEG has also developed in-house optimizations to address airport checkpoint resource allocation and deployment of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV).

Operations Research Capabilities
Industrial Engineering (IE) Studies
Operations Analyses & Research
Resource Analysis & Management
Mathematical Modeling
Parametric Data Analysis and Reporting
System Performance Analyses

Key Benefits

• Optimization modeling
• Simulation design and execution
• Efficient use of resources

Representative Projects

Airport Checkpoint Optimization
Cost Framework for NCA