Systems Engineering Highlights

Summit Engineering Group (SEG) brings a structured systems engineering approach to all of its analyses. SEG has a breadth of systems engineering experience, its specialties and primary focus areas include

Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) - Structuring ground rules and assumptions, defining the trade space, executing the analyses, and evaluating the outputs.
Program and Project Management - Providing systems engineering support to program managers across multiple high risk, high reward technology development programs. Includes hardware tracking, test planning, investigation of transition possibilities, and more.
Requirements - Defining program requirements, metrics, and goals for systems and subsystems.
Milestone Support - Subject matter expert (SME) support to PDR, CDR, etc. events, leveraging historical experience to assure the right questions are asked and trouble spots probed
Test Planning and Execution - Planning test events to include tracking of assets to avoid delays due to lack of hardware, coordination between subsystem teams, and working with multiple stakeholders to assure a successful test event
Program Documentation - Creating, reviewing, editing, and guiding the development of system design documents (SDD), risk registers, and other CDRLs.
Systems Engineering Capabilities
Acquisition Reform & Streamlining Initiatives
Milestone Support
Systems Acquisition Support
Analysis of Alternatives (AoAs)
Program & Project Management
Systems Engineering
C4ISR Systems
Program Documentation
Test Planning and Execution
Design and Production Engineering
Reliability & Maintainability Analyses
Trade Studies
Homeland Security
Requirements Analyses
Unmanned Systems
Low Observable (LO) Technology
Risk Analyses & Assessments
Workflow Design and Management
Manufacturing Technology Impacts
Security Assessments & Analyses

Key Benefits

• Find optimal solutions to real world problems
• Supply unbiased Systems Engineering support

Representative Projects

Discoverer II
Orbital Express
Strike DIRCM