Summit Engineering Group (SEG) specializes in high-end analytical studies associated with commercial and military systems. These studies utilize SEG expertise across five core capability areas: Cost Analysis, Systems Engineering , Economic Analysis, Source Selection Support, and Operations Research.

SEG has broad professional experience in analyzing and estimating the costs and performance of advanced technology systems throughout their life cycle (research & development, procurement, operations & support, and disposal). The analytic activities have been applied to both platforms and subsystems. At the platform level, SEG has experience and exposure to spacecraft as well as manned and unmanned variants of aircraft, ground vehicles, surface ships, and submarine vehicles. Additionally, SEG has direct experience in analyzing the subsystems associated with the various platforms. The subsystems range from weapons (missiles, bullets, directed energy systems) to countermeasures (EW, ECM) to sensors (Radar, Sonar, EO/IR, ISR) to command and control systems.

SEG projects and the capabilities utilized on each are presented below.

The types of activities frequently performed within each of the five 'core capabilities' are presented below. Specific tasks performed on a project are described in the Projects section of the site.

SEG Capabilities
Activity Based Costing (ABC)
Acquisition Reform & Streamlining Initiatives
Business Case Analysis (BCA)
Bill of Material (BOM) Assessments
Analysis of Alternatives (AoAs)
Economic Analyses (EAs)
Budget Analysis & Formulation
C4ISR Systems
Market Research
CER Development & Validation
Design and Production Engineering
Cost & Benefit Analyses (CBAs)
Homeland Security
Contract Modifications
Cost & Performance Tradeoff Analyses
Low Observable (LO) Technology
Contract Termination
Cost Analysis & Estimating
Manufacturing Technology Impacts
Cost Analysis Requirements Description (CARD)
Milestone Support
Down Selection
Cost As Independent Variable (CAIV)
Program & Project Management
Engineering Change Proposals (ECP)
Cost Research (Data basing & Modeling)
Program Documentation
New Program Definition
Cost-Effectiveness Modeling/Analysis
Reliability & Maintainability Analyses
Proposal Preparation & Evaluation
Design-to-Cost (DTC)
Requirements Analyses
Source Selection Support
Earned Value Management (EVM)
Risk Analyses & Assessments
Hardware Cost Analysis & Estimating
Security Assessments & Analyses
Industrial Engineering (IE) Studies
Independent Cost Estimates
Systems Acquisition Support
Mathematical Modeling
Labor (Direct & Indirect) Analyses
Systems Engineering
Operations Analyses & Research
Life Cycle Cost (LCC) Analyses
Test Planning and Execution
Parametric Data Analysis and Reporting
Military System Cost Modeling/Analysis
Trade Studies
Resource Analysis & Management
Price Analysis
Unmanned Systems
System Performance Analyses
Price-to-Win (PTW)
Workflow Design and Management
Software Cost Analysis & Estimating

The SEG business strategy is to pursue relevant National Security projects in which its professional services and products directly satisfy the needs of its clients. As such, it seeks to attract and retain talented and experienced domain experts from the military and DoD civilian population and related academia and industry organizations. In addition, SEG develops and maintains in-house relevant databases, models, and tools to assist in meeting client needs. In this capacity, it is highly experienced in quickly identifying, collecting, fact-finding, and normalizing system/sub-system/component cost, technical, and programmatic data as well as incorporating associated risks.