SEG has worked on projects for the Army's Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army - Cost and Economics (ODASA-CE), the Navy's Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), and the Air Force's Cost Analysis Agency (AFCAA) and Air Combat Command (ACC).

Types of Projects Supported

SEG has supported Army projects focusing on the integration of cost, performance, and engineering models, missiles and munitions, and maintenance and utilization of cost databases. Navy projects have focused on aircraft, directed infrared counter-measures (DIRCM) systems, electronic warfare, and communications. Air Force projects have focused on the operation, maintenance, and cost of platforms and sensors. SEG has supported all phases of programs from creation of source selection material and execution of the source selection process through technology development and demonstration and all the way to transitioning technology to partners in the field.

Analyses Performed

SEG utilizes its full range of capabilities in support of other US Government projects. SEG has created source selection materials including system design documents (SDD), performed cost of capability assessments, and provided SETA support to program managers. The SEG blend of cost expertise and systems engineering/operations knowledge and background allows it to appropriately bring cost considerations into focus during the technology development process. Bridging that gap between the detailed engineering perspective and the operational and cost perspective is an SEG specialty.


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