SEG projects in the Internal domain have focused on utilizing operations research techniques to address perceived analytical needs identified through years of SEG experience.

The table provides an overview of SEG internal projects. Project names link to the corresponding write-ups and a brief description of the SEG role.

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Airport Checkpoint Optimization

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Program Description: Airport security paradigms are constantly evolving to improve passenger safety in light of emerging threats. Technological advancements contribute to this evolution and present opportunities for a safer and more efficient passenger experience at the airport. As new systems are developed, decision makers must decide how to optimally allocate resources for the purchase and operation of passenger and baggage screening devices. The checkpoint optimization integer programming (IP) model, developed by SEG, aids in this decision making process for a single airport.

SEG Role: SEG utilized its cost and operations research expertise in the development of the Checkpoint Optimization tool. The tool leverages SEG corporate knowledge gained from projects focused on next generation baggage screening devices and passenger checkpoint configurations.

UUV Force Structure Analysis Tool (UFSAT)


Program Description: The Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) Force Structure Analysis Tool (UFSAT) was developed by SEG to address an analytical need to quantitatively assess the appropriate level of UUV support relative to traditional maritime assets in order to most efficiently meet naval mission demand across world regions over a multi-year planning horizon. The tool, as currently constructed, is a ‘bare bones’ approach that proves out the concept on a small scale. With the investment of additional time and resources, the tool could be enhanced to include additional assets, platforms, mission types, and time periods, and to include more granularity into the regions of the world, asset characteristics, asset performance metrics, and mission demand profiles.

SEG Role: SEG cost and operations research expertise led to the creation of the UFSAT tool. The tool leverages SEG corporate knowledge gained from projects focused on optimal deployment of assets and maritime capabilities.